The doctor says my wrist pulled one of the extension muscles a few weeks ago. I'm recovering, it's been doing better and I have been able to start working traditionally - but digitally there are some problems with how I perform that keeps setting it off.

While I try to find ways to fix it I'm limiting my digital use to an hour a day. Because of this injury and how long it's taken to heal, I'm out of buffer so I don't have much choice but to go on hiatus.

I am still promising one month's worth minimally of thumbnails and scripts for my backers.

But if all goes well I should be able to continue the issues properly in January (which means here you won't get the pages again until February ).

If I can do it sooner, I will, but I need to make the best plans for my health because if I keep hurting myself then my long-term production will be shot.

So~! For as little as $1 a month on my patreon ( ) you'll be able to keep up with all my work I'm able to do, and get the story and start of the pages well ahead of the public!

Fanart Call!

In lue of pages, I'll be posting fanart every Monday (or some themed work of my own traditionally) until my hiatus is up. You'll get pimped on the MDIAMG's official twitter ( ) and a place on my main site as well ( ) :D along with of course links to yourselves here on Tapas when it goes up~

If interested you're free to contact me via DM on any site you know me on (here is fine too!), or through any of the following locations - just let me know where I need to link to for you!


discord: TenorAnathema#1792

Also my discord work server is open to the public if you wanna hang with other fans of my various projects:

But thank you all so much for sticking with me so far - I hate this has happened and I'm hoping for a swift recovery so I can get back to getting this show on the road! :D

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